Jabès: Journal 2 – about body and death

  Journal II Dusk has the skin of an old man. Chiseled by the once-famous rays. That uneasy position of star on fire and star of water. Neither here nor there. The sun has the attention of the sand. Venus’s flytrap. She eats souls. The plant turned shooting star surprises the man who is awake […]

Jabès over: death of God

The Death of God The tree of knowledge bore wormy fruit. Did God know this? Adam ate the apple with its acid taste of defiance. Henceforth he would live and die by fighting against God, by relentlessly struggling with himself. “You loathe Him who created the mortal world for you and who, to help you […]

Jabès: over God in de eeuwen en de stilte

Edmond Jabès uit the Book of Questions: Truth – waarheid – over God, de stilte, de dialoog van eeuwen   The Long Dialogue of Centuries “All limits depend on light. Is God not the first, the original dark, in that case? “And the first light to fathom the dark?” “God is the all-embracing center. ” […]

Jabès: over het boek

Over het boek bij Edmond Jabès: The Book…   The Light of the Sea If you burn a book, it opens unto absence in the flame. If you drown it, it unfolds with the wave. If you bury it, it quenches the thirst of the desert. Because all words are pure water of salvation. With […]

Jabès: The book of Questions – over God

Over God in the Book of Questions van Edmond Jabès:   FORE-SPEECH I say: I am death, and forthwith am before God was. If we spurn God’s image, do we not reject creation? Then where is truth but in the burning space between one letter and the next? Thus the book is first read outside […]